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The society “InDe-Network-e.V.” publishes a newsletter which will be released prospectively every two months. You can download the newsletter here for free. Members of the society will receive the newsletter via email.

The Newsletter covers inter alia following permanent rubrics:

  • Press review: Compilation of the most recent news about India and Germany relating to cultural, business and academic topics.
  • Events/Cooperations: Provides an up-to-date overwiew of interesting arrangements, events and cooperations relating to Germany and India.
  • Reports: Reports from people studying, working and doing business in Germany and India.
  • Interviews: e.g. with businessmen, academics, scientists etc. from India and Germany.
  • Recensions: Book reviews of Indian and German books relating to cultural, business and academic topics.
Newsletter May 2007
(Issue 1-2007)
Containing inter alia:
Newsletter July 2007
(Issue 2-2007)
Containing inter alia:

A report by Jana Helbig (IGCC-Mumbai)

Book review: Bombay Maximum City by Suketu Mehta

A report of a Ph.D. student at the Delhi School of Economics

Interview with an Indian exchange student in Germany (in English)
Newsletter September 2007
(Issue 3-2007)
Containing inter alia: Newsletter December 2007
(Issue 4-2007)
Containing inter alia:

Interview with a legal intern at IGCC-New Delhi

Book review: Wirtschaftsmacht Indien by Oliver Müller

A report of a seminar at JNU New Delhi

Introduction of some Indian societies in Berlin

Newsletter January 2008
(Issue 1-2008)
Containing inter alia: Newsletter March 2008
(Issue 2-2008)
Containing inter alia:

Tips for Delhi and a Guide for the University of Delhi

Book review: Praktikum in Indien 2008

Tips for Mumbai

Intercultural communication, University Jena

Book review: Business Guide germany India 2007

Newsletter May 2008
(Issue 3-2008)
Containing inter alia: Newsletter July 2008
(Issue 4-2008)
Containing inter alia:
Appraisal of Dr. H.G. Wieck, (Ambassador in Delhi- retired, President of DIG)

Survival Guide and
field report for Varanasi

Internship-report (Pune)
Survival Guide for Pune
Report on research difficulties
Newsletter September 2008
(Issue 5-2008)
Containing inter alia: Newsletter December 2008
(Issue 6-2008)
Containing inter alia:
Survival Guide and
field report for Bangalore and Punjab

Field report about J.N. College

Report about DIG e.V. and Handelsblatt- Conference

- Research in India, five simple rules
- Field report/Mumbai
- Book review: "Thielmann, Indien von Innen"
- Activities of Friedrich-Neumann-Stiftung in India

(February 2009)
Containing inter alia: Newsletter
(April 2009)
Containing inter alia:
Report about Arunachal Pradesh

Experiences in Mumbai

Conference tip, book and press review

Report about youth centre in Ladakh

Report about program TU Kaiserslautern and JNU

MBA with focus on India

Guide for staff retention in India

(June 2009)
Containing inter alia: Newsletter
(August 2009)
Containing inter alia:
Important parties in India

Report about BayIND

DAAD/DIG- programs

Experiences at Welingkar Institute in Mumbai

Report of Intern at UNIC /New Delhi

Report about Study Berlin/Mumbai

Job posting of Friedrich-Naumann-Stifung

Conference tip

(October 2009)
Containing inter alia Newsletter
(Dez. 2009)
Containing inter alia

Report about internship in Mumbai

Conference tip

book and press review

Conference report India

Conference tip: Investment: Law in India (Wegweiser GmbH)

Job offers etc.

press review

(March 2010)
Containing inter alia: Newsletter
(Sept 2010)
Containing inter alia:

Report about 5th Handelsblatt- Conference

Reports about internship

Job offers, book and press review

Reports about new Entry and Regulation Bill, Visa-Regulations


press review

Even as a non-member you are welcome to contribute to the newsletter in form of own articles. However, the editor of the newsletter reserves the right not to publish an article. If you are interested, please contact us here.

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