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Our Network
Exchange Programmes and Funding
Support for planning and organizing a stay abroad
InDe-Network e.V. Contribution on International Understanding
About us

Our Network (go up)

The primary purpose of InDe-Network e.V. is to build a network for Indian and German academics. Our network serves to establish contacts, to maintain contacts and to exchange information and experiences. InDe-Network e.V. is open for all areas of studies and may serve as a basis for academic, business, ideational, and cultural functions. Our purpose will be accomplished by two means:   

                                   Operating a group on XING

                                   Operating a group on StudiVZ

On the online platforms XING and StudiVZ, InDe-Network e.V. has established groups where InDe-Network e.V. members may communicate, interact, and exchange information.

Exchange Programmes and Funding (go up)

InDe-Network e.V. has the purpose to encourage student exchange between Germany and India. Therefore, InDe-Network e.V. wants to help to establish co-operation and student exchange programmes between German and Indian universities. Additionally, InDe-Network e.V. would like to open up its own programmes.

Therefore, InDe-Network e.V. will provide data on existing Indo-German programmes and co-operation.

InDe-Network e.V. plans on establishing its own scholarship programme to finance a stay for exchange students and doctoral candidates in India or in Germany. The funding will be financed by the membership fees of InDe-Network e.V. as well as donations or financial support from other institutions.     

Support for planning and organizing a stay abroad (go up)

InDe-Network e.V. will provide information and tips on planning, organizing and arranging a stay in India or in Germany. That will be by means of personal field reports of alumni students/junior lawyers/trainees/doctoral candidates/business people who have been on a longer non-tourist stay in India or in Germany. Furthermore, InDe-Network e.V.  lists helpful links about Germany and India on its website.

InDe-Network e.V. Contribution on International Understanding (go up)

InDe-Network e.V. would like to contribute on International Understanding between Germany and India. Beside the cultural exchange, the academic exchange between both countries will be supported. Hence, InDe-Network e.V. will publish a magazine for its members. This could contain, inter alia, interviews with people who successfully work or have been working for academic or business purposes in India or in Germany. More information on our magazine you will find here.

In the long run, the purposes of InDe-Network e.V. will also be implemented by organising seminars and conferences. 

About us (go up)

InDe-Network e.V. is a registered society and was established on 7th of June, 2006. On 29th of August, 2006 it was formally registered at the Register of Associations in Berlin, Germany. The purpose of our society is solely non-profit which is approved and will be monitored by the Department of Revenue, Berlin, Germany. InDe-Network e.V. is, therefore, not a business and does not intent on making profits. Money is gained solely by means of membership fees and donations. All societal income is only used to cover the costs (website, bank account, postage etc.) for running the society and serving its purposes. All active members - including the board of directors - work honorary. We work hard to offer many different societal activities as well as good service. Please consider that the personnel and financial resources of InDe-Network e.V.  are limited. The above mentioned societal goals can only be implemented as far as the limited personnel and financial resources allow us to do.              

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